Found, Library Style

You find amazing things inside books, and not just the way you might think I mean!

The little things found in library books and left around the library often give me pause.  I can't help but wonder who created them and why.  I think about where these people might be now, and wonder if they ever noticed they had lost the object I had found.  So many stories can be invented to explain these tiny glimpses into someone's life.

I've collected quite a few things from staff around the library system, and thought it might be fun to share them with you, bit by bit over time.  

So, to start, here is a small selection of items found in the Oakland Public Library by library staff members.  Most were found in books, but some were just left behind in the library.  All of them could tell quite a story.  More to come!

(This is my personal favorite.  Poor CJ!)


What stories do these tell you?  What's the coolest/oddest thing you've found in a book?


My favorite was the girl from

My favorite was the girl from the 80s, sometimes I use my favorite picture as a bookmark. Maybe that is how she lost it. I was about 8 yrs old and bought the book Little Women at a thrift store. I got home and dropped the book.. 10 dollars fell out! Happiest kid.

That one is one of my

That one is one of my favorites too, Jeanine! I clicked over to your blog and noticed you are a new library user. I loved reading what you had to say, and plan to keep an eye on your blog! If you would be interested in being interviewed for this blog, let me know! I think you'd be great for that!

Anonymous - Money has to be

Anonymous - Money has to be the best thing to find in a book, eh? Especially to an 8 year old!

I liked the pic with the

I liked the pic with the little boy and his dad who is the devil his self with horns and pitch fork lol

I have been putting my

I have been putting my drawings and small water colors in returned books
for years. It makes me happy thinking about the person who will
find this gift.

Thanks so much for sharing!

These are so great! I found

These are so great! I found out about your posts through the story on sfgate. Thought I was the only one that collected found notes like this. Can't want to see more!

I enjoy both finding, and

I enjoy both finding, and leaving, unusual bookmarks in library books. I'm a fan of Thomas Pynchon and sometimes leave the muted posthorn symbol, from The Crying of Lot 49, in his, or related, books. I like to think that there are other people sending cryptic messages in this fashion. W.A.S.T.E.

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