Library User Spotlight - Meet Dominic!

Meet Dominic - a bicycle-riding, comic-loving library supporter!

Dominic Lucchesi is a great friend of the library.  He's also a District 1 resident and a worker-owner of Pedal Express - the East Bay's only bicycle courier company.  Monday through Friday, you can find him riding the streets of Oakland, Berkeley and Emeryville making deliveries of all kinds.  On the weekends, you can find himpicking over the comic book collection at the Temescal Branch Library, or checking out something useful at the Tool Lending Library

Thanks to Dominic for answering my questions!  Anything in parentheses and italics are my own comments.  

What is the most embarrassing book that you love?

I once checked out a copy of Emo Boy and didn't hate it.

What is your favorite food to eat while reading a library book?

Does coffee count as food?

(Yes.  Definitely.)

Do you want to give a shout out to any particular library location or staff member?

The Tool Lending Library has really been a valuable resource for me.  With their tools and advice, I've been able to build some pretty awesome things for my apartment.  This, coming from someone who does not consider himself to be a particularly "handy" person.

Tell us about your favorite book or movie.

I recently picked up the comic series "Scalped."  It's about life on a modern-day Indian Reservation in South Dakota.  A life punctuated by poverty, crime, drug addiction and the struggle to preserve their cultural identity.  The art of RM Guera perfectly compliments the writing of Jason Aaron to make "Scalped" a terribly engrossing read.    

What’s the best event you ever attended at the library?

A few years back, I helped organize a bike tour of several Oakland Library Branches.  The turnout was great and it combined two of my favorite things: bikes and libraries.  The ride began at Oakland City Hall and stopped at (or rode past) a majority of the library branches.  I loved seeing the unique character of each library branch and the communities that they serve.  It was such a fun way to interact with library staff and patrons across Oakland!  


If Oakland Public Library could do one thing we don’t already do (your wish is our command), what would it be?

A minor critique, but I wish the library could figure out a better way to catalogue it's graphic novel (aka comic book) collection.  Each branch will generally have comics in a loosely defined "graphic novel" section as well as a larger collection in the "Young Adult" section.  There doesn't seem to be a logical reason for determining where a specific title ends up either.  Sometimes a volume for say, Walking Dead, will be in the "Graphic Novel" section and the next volume will be in the Young Adult Section.  It's not a huge inconvenience to check the different parts of the library, but years from now I don't want to be that 50 year old dude crashing the Teen Center to browse their comic book collection, y'know what I'm sayin?

(I totally know what you are saying!  I'm going to make sure I throw this suggestion at the people who might be able to help make it happen.)

Where’s your favorite non-library place to go in Oakland?

Wow, that's a hard one to answer.  I'm going to have to say Lake Merritt, both for the natural beauty and for the people watching.

What’s the most important thing the Oakland Public Library does?

The library provides the community with free knowledge.  In a time when public resources are strained and cultural programs are especially under attack, the library provides a safe space for youth, elders and everyone in between to be turned on to new ideas and information.  The Oakland Public Library is an invaluable community resource. 



This is Mana at the Main

This is Mana at the Main Library. We're planning such a program in May - May 10, Saturday, to be exact, going from Chavez to 81st. Please look for more details soon!

I would love to hear more

I would love to hear more about bike tour. This would combine two of my favorite things - cycling and libraries. Could Golden Gate branch be added to the tour?

It is not listed in the

It is not listed in the calendar for either branch. Where can I find out more about this event?

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