National Library Week Continues...

Check out these great titles in our Children's collection. Staff recommendations are a sample from our National Library Week Booklet.

On Monday, I posted a sneak peek at some of the staff reading recommendations in our National Library Week booklet.  Today I've got some recommendations for you from the Children's section, but they aren't just for children.  There are many more where these came from - just pop into your closest OPL branch and pick up a booklet of your own!

Long Lankin by Lindsey Barraclough
Two sisters go to live with their eccentric aunt in a creep house, in a town filled with secrets, near an abandoned church that calls to them like a siren't song...Their terror (and the readers') builds ever-so slowly: I have never been so scared while reading a book.  If that's your jam, this is your read.
-Mary Dubbs, Children's Librarian, on-call

Women of Hope: African Americans Who Made a Difference by Joyce Hansen
The profiles that comprise Women of Hope quietly testify to what has gone before, what is now ongoing, and what can be going on in the future of African American women.  Each profile and photograph presents contributions that are all too often absent from school curriculums - college and graduate curriculums, too, for that matter.  Inspired by a women's history month poster series, the collective biography series that Women of Hope is part of should be on the shelf in every middle school library and children's public library collection across the country along with other excellent non-fiction materials needed to supplement curriculums still lacking equal or even adequate representations of women of all races and people of color of all genders.
-Janine deManda, Library Assistant, Main Library

Hooray, A Piñata! by Elisa Kleven
This is a beautiful book that was written and illustrated by Bay Area author Elisa Kleven.  Clara and her friend Samiel are excited to have a piñata for Clara's upcoming birthday party.  But Clara quickly befriends the cute little dog piñata she has selected at the store, and she can't bear the thought of destroying it at the party.  Samuel saves the day with two birthday gifts - a chew toy for Clara's new piñata -dog and a thundercloud piñata  that the kids happily break apart later that day.
-Sara DuBois, Coordinator, Grants & Volunteers

Travels of Thelonious (Fog Mound Trilogy) by Susan Schade and Jon Bullerby
This is the first in a hybrid/graphic novel trilogy about a richly imagined post-apocalyptic future without humans, featuring talking animals who are making the new world.  In spite of dark, ecological and moral themes, the series is somehow funny and uplifting, with nary a hint of preachiness.  Readers will not want to pull away from these lovable creatures who forge textured, meaningful friendships.  An exciting story that is accessible and entertaining for grade school children and up, The Fog Mound Trilogy has made for many nights of gripping family reading, re-reading, and discussion in my household.
-Tamar Kirschner, Collection Development Librarian, Acquisitions

Check out these four titles!  Stop by any OPL Branch to see more than 100 other reviews!  And check back here Friday for some more sneak peeks.  


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