Oakland Public Library + Nerd Nite East Bay

Oakland Public Library will be at East Bay Nerd Nite #11. You should be there too!

If there's one thing this librarian loves, it's a good nerd, so imagine my excitement when I learned there was an opportunity to partner with Nerd Nite East Bay.  A dream come true!  A whole night, once a month, for nerds that we, the Oakland Public Library, can be part of?  Count me in!

So, you may be wondering what Nerd Nite is exactly.  It is an event that takes place on the last Monday of each month at the New Parkway and includes three talks from three speakers on three diverse topics, each one, of course, interesting and engaging.  Last month I attended as an audience member and loved it.  This month, I'll attend as an interested audience member and in official librarian capacity repping OPL.  

The Details:  

Monday, August 26th, doors 7:00pm, start 8:00pm at the New Parkway

The Theme:

Materials, Monotremes, & MMMMM...Mollusks

My Job:

Along with a trusted colleague, I'll be providing a relevant reading list, books from the reading list available for browsing or check-out, library cards for those who need them (bring your ID and proof of address), general library information, and a delighted smile.

The Sneak Peek:

This is what the Reading List will look like - dig out your magnifying glass and check it out.  It's a great way to get hints at what the talks might be about and to brush up on your reading ahead of time.  Visit our catalog to find these resources, or just come by on Monday night and check them out there (where magnifying glass won't be required).  Say hi!  It would be wonderful to see your face.  Especially if it is perfectly nerdy!



So wait is Nerd Nite

So wait is Nerd Nite essentially a TED conference I can look forward too, same place same time?


OPLWORKS - YES! That's exactly how I describe Nerd Nite. It is awesome!

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