A Single and Most Delightful Found Item!

One young library user has a LOT of opinions about Matilda.

Hmmm...  Actually, it's hard to decide if this is a single found item, or almost 100 found items, but in either case, someone REALLY had a lot to say about the book Matilda by Roald Dahl. It was returned to the 81st Avenue Branch quite annotated!  We don't encourage you returning your books with so many notes for library staff to have to remove, but in this case the adorableness can not be denied!

Here's a Flickr Album with all the annotations.  This thing will scroll like a slideshow, or you can click off to see them larger on Flickr.

Which ones do you think are cutest?  There are so many amazing ones that I really can't choose.  Here are some that I really love.



Oh how cute! My kids have

Oh how cute! My kids have been voraciously gobbling up all of Dahl's books, and this is one we just finished. I absolutely love Blake's illustrations.

Anyway, I always loved finding stuff like this in used books or old records. Last year I found a 10 page report on Mott the Hoople's first album written by a high school girl from the 1970s that was stuffed in the albums sleeve.

What do you think?

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