Upcoming Branch Schedule Change!

Beginning November 1st, 2014, the Golden Gate and Piedmont Ave. Branches will revert to a Tuesday - Saturday schedule.

Effective November 1, 2014,  days of service at two Oakland Public Library branches—Golden Gate and Piedmont Avenue—will revert to Tuesday to Saturday.

The change is the result of a pilot program that began in September 2013 to offer library hours on Mondays in more areas of Oakland. Library Administration encouraged public feedback on the new schedules through an online and paper survey (April 15-May31), comment cards, and community meetings. Administration’s evaluation of the community’s responses and data on library usage at the pilot branches led to the decision to end the new schedules at the Golden Gate and Piedmont Avenue branches.

Two additional branches were part of the pilot.  Brookfield and Eastmont branches will remain on the Monday to Friday schedule.  As always, you can see branch schedules on our website

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback during the pilot. 

You can find the press release here.


Loved the Monday evenings at

Loved the Monday evenings at Piedmont. Terrible to see it end. But we want the libraries open on Saturday too. What country/state/city are we living in that we cannot have the libraries open six days a week?

We're disappointed to learn

We're disappointed to learn this! We had a rhythm of going to the Piedmont Library every Monday and will really miss that possibility - it's the only other library within reasonable walking distance and we don't have a car.

This is great! With the

This is great! With the previous schedule my only chances of making it to the library were on the Monday nights open past 5:30. Now I can go on a weekend day as well. For people who work full-time it's really great to have weekend hours.

I am not sure that a comment

I am not sure that a comment after the Monday hours are removed will be fruitful. That said, it was a very helpful place, the only place for my son to study on Mondays after school and before his rehearsal at 7 pm i a few blocks away. Cafe's and bubble tea are very noisy. Drive times to another place prohibitive. Study time is important, an I am not quite sure what we will do.

Having lived in other

Having lived in other countries, I am really happy that we have libraries that provide the range of services AND FREE BOOKS to borrow. You don't know what you have until you don't have it anymore. :-)

I am delighted at the change.

I am delighted at the change. I work Monday nights, starting at 5:30 p.m., in addition to working days, from Tuesday through Friday. So I've only rarely had the opportunity to take advantage of our wonderful local library. Thank you so much for being responsive to patrons who had difficulty accessing the library during week days. I look forward to a library visit this Saturday.

I know it's impossible for

I know it's impossible for the OPL to serve everyone's needs with funding limiting branch hours to five days per week. For me, a return to Saturday is helpful because I meet at Golden Gate with my Second Start literacy tutee, and as someone here said, it's very hard to do that kind of work in a cafe. Best wishes to those who will miss Mondays. Here's to the city someday being able to fund six days a week at our branches again!

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