We Keep Finding Stuff!

More found objects - some art, some notes, and an amazing rejection letter.

Here are some more items found in library books (or in the library)!   We've got some good ones today!

But first- I've gone a bit "Found Item" crazy lately and have made some buttons and magnets created out of the items we've found and posted here!  So, look for me when the library is out and about (Nerd Nites, for example).  I'll bring these along and you can have one for your very own with a teeny small donation to our amazing wonderful supportive Friends of the Oakland Public Library.

For now, let's check out some items...



Dear Nathan.  This is probably my favorite find ever.  Sorry, Nathan.

Who are you looking at?  

I would actually love to find the creator of this lovely piece of original art.  I feel like (s)he probably did not mean to leave it behind.  



Finkin and the Trooper.


Can we get higher resolution

Can we get higher resolution on the next batch? They are so wonderful, I really want to be able to read them!

Can you not read them, Erica?

Can you not read them, Erica? On my computer they are totally readable! Try using Chrome instead of Internet Explorer, if you aren't already, and let me know!

I find a lot of these finds

I find a lot of these finds to be very personal in nature. If I were to come across my personal artifacts on a public website, I would be very upset. I am not sure if this an appropriate forum for such personal information.

I left some home made

I left some home made christmas cards in a drawing book around christmas last year. They had drawings on the front and a story inside. If you find them please email me. Thank you!

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