Kids Summer Reading Success!

What did we do this summer? Where do we start?

Oakland students are back to school, but they sure came to “Explore, Connect & Grow” with the library this summer! 

Activities to Inspire Learners

From learning with real animals to playing musical instruments, from laughing with the Circus of Smiles to dancing with Turf Inc. or rocking with Alphabet Rockers, from making amazing bubbles to reading amazing stories, kids engaged in creative and fun learning every day at the library.  And that means they started the school year ready to learn.  

Outstanding Reading Success

This summer we had a special sign up prize for Kids Summer Reading: 4 tickets to an As game!  Readers turned out: 11,161 children signed

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New Cookbooks

Do you like to cook? Are you looking for new recipes? Look no further. Oakland Public Library has a wide variety of new cookbooks for every palate.

Do you like to cook? Are you looking for new recipes? Look no further. Oakland Public Library has a wide variety of new cookbooks for every palate. On our shelves you'll find recipes for Chinese Soul Food, plant based cooking, sustainable seafood, meals for camping out, mezze and so much more .

Food is the Solution     Coconuts and Collards     Souk     

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Congratulations to KDIA on its induction to the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame

AAMLO recognizes radio station KDIA and its induction into Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame

Congratulations to radio station KDIA for its recent induction into the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame as the 2018 Legendary Station. KDIA has been a staple of the bay area African American music scene for over 50 years. However, there was a time when African American music was not played on Bay Area airways.

Prior to World War II, there were not radio stations featuring only African American music, and as late as 1947, and well into the early fifties, it continued with musical formats that reinforced racist stereotypes mocking Black culture. Formats began to change as a direct result of the unanticipated impact of a growing Black listening audience coupled with its significantly increased political and economic clout. Jazz, rhythm and blues and gospel music were now being played.

KDIA Lucky 13 debuted in 1959 when Egmont Sonderling, owner of Memphis-based WDIA, purchased KWBR from

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In Memoriam Ronald Dellums 1935 - 2018

Remembering Bay Area political leader and activist Congressman Ron Dellums

In Memoriam

Ron Dellums (1935 – 2018)

This week America lost one of its staunch advocates for African American people in the United States. Ron Dellums congressional career began in 1970 when he was elected to Congress as a representative of the state of California. He would represent California for 27 years [14-terms]. As a congressman, Dellums was outspoken man who took up the causes for minorities and fought against the involvement of America in various wars.  He also served as the chair of the House Services Committee.

Did you know that before former President Barack Obama introduced the idea of health care for all, Ron Dellums proposed the National Health Service Act? Dellums introduced this act in 1977 to provide universal and affordable health care that was available to everyone.  Though the bill was unsuccessful in passing, the blueprint for health care for all was drawn up by none other

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10 Great Reasons to Read Fiction in August 2018

Ready for some fresh fiction? Here are 10 fantastic books coming out this month.

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The Oakland Public Library celebrates 50 years of Oakland A's Magic

This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of the Oakland Athletics.

Before the arrival of the Oakland A's, baseball in the town had withered to Little League and play on school yards. The Oakland Oaks franchise had outgrown its ball park in Emeryville by 1957. The team was dismantled and relocated to Vancouver, British Columbia, and rebranded the Vancouver Mounties.

Charles O. Finley, a Chicago-based businessman, who had bought the Kansas City Athletics in 1960, was eager to leave Kansas City after a few short years because he felt the community did not offer the financial support or promotion he thought the team deserved. Major League Baseball officials denied Finley's efforts to relocate the team to a better market and forced him to sign a three-year lease, then a four-year lease. He also had a contentious relationship with the Kansas City press and with fans. 

In 1967 when his lease expired Finley moved the team to Oakland. He listed four reasons for choosing Oakland:

  • The Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum sports complex provides the finest facilities
  • The Bay Area climate is ideal for baseball
  • The

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Happy Belated Birthday Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela Visits the City of Oakland After His Release From Prison


Photo courtesy of the African American Museum and Library at Oakland Archives Department

AAMLO will like to take the time to acknowledge the birth one hundred years ago this month of former political prisoner and anti-apartheid leader Nelson Mandela. In 1963, Mandela was charged with sabotage against the South African government. He was convicted and given a life sentence in prison. On February 11, 1990, Nelson was released after spending 27 years in prison.

On June 30, 1990, Mandela came to Oakland, California and spoke to a crowd of over 58,000 people at the Oakland Coliseum. This photo comes to you from our Archives Department. 

Happy Belated Birthday Nelson Mandela!!!

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Books to Movies

Read the book before you see the movie!

Several movies based on books are due for release in the coming months. If you haven't yet read the book, OPL has copies you can check out or place on hold. Here is a sampling of fall and summer movies based on books.

Crazy Rich Asians     Bel Canto     First Man     

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Vive la France!

July is a good month to read a book by a Francophone author.

Today, July 14, is Bastille Day and tomorrow Les Bleus face Croatia in the finals of the World Cup. Mid-July belongs to the French. For your mid-summer reading pleasure, try a contemporary French novel in translation. Besides the classics of French literature, the library stocks a satisfying range of French writers of fiction, from France as well as from Francophone African and Caribbean countries. Some of these authors are also featured in our French language collection for you readers of French out there.

How about starting with a mystery or thriller? Read on for a small sample. 

Georges Simenon, creator of the master-sleuth Jules Maigret, was a Francophone Belgian. He was wildly, wildly prolific, with more than 200 novels, another 150 novellas, and numerous other works written under his own name and under a bunch of pseudonyms. He’s best known, though, for the Maigret novels, of which

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African Americans Music History

Collections focused on music from our Archives and Library

African Americans in the Art of Music

                               Jenkins Photo Collection

African Americans have made significant contributions to the art of music in many genres. From gospel legends Shirley Ceasar, to Motown legends Diana Ross and the Supremes, Martha Reeves and the Vandellas and many more. The Bay Area has also produced many legends from Oakland born artist Sheila E., to rap/hip hop artists Too Short, M.C. Hammer, Digital Underground, and R&B artist Goapele.

Seeing the need to have the accomplishments of African American music and its musicians recognized, music producer Kenny Gamble and broadcast executive Ed Wright, crafted an idea of celebrating the contributions of African Americans musicians to the art of music while

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