Looking for LGBTQ Winners: The Lambda Literary Review

I love weird stories, anything with magic or strange happenings. I also love queer stories. Where do I look for the latest, greatest, weird, queer book reviews?

My go-to website for great LGBTQ reading choices of any genre is the Lambda Literary Review.  This comprehensive resource is the digital offspring of The Lambda Book Report, first published in 1987 out of Lambda Rising Bookstore in Washington, DC. Lambda Literary has evolved into “the world’s premier LGBT literary organization”, awarding the annual Lambda Literary Awards or “Lammys”, sponsoring writers retreats, and maintaining a content-rich website. (

I always start with the Genre category, nicely separated into sub-genres such as Romance, Mystery, and (my favorite) Speculative Fiction. I also peruse the General Fiction and Bio/Memoirs.  Also reviewed are Poetry, Young Adult, Non-fiction, Illustrated, Anthology, Drama and Film.  Reviews are written by LGBTQ writers and artists.  The website has other helpful resources, such as lists of all the Lammy winners for years past, interviews with authors, feature articles, an online book club, calls for submissions (for all the writers out there), and other topical information.

So now you know how OPL stays current with the latest LGBTQ offerings!