Mycelial Mass Mushroom Meetup

Image advertising Mycelial Mass Mushroom Meetup at Oakland Public Library

Join us on Tuesday, January 28 for a special gathering of mycologists, mushroom growers, fungal fermenters and other members of this growing movement unlocking the power of these amazing organisms.   Each event will feature a keynote speaker, as well as contributions from our local community of fungal enthusiasts, art, and music! This month, we're honored to host special guest speaker Brian Perry, PhD from California State University East Bay.   As with all our mycelial mass events, we will have an ice breaker that will help you meet and make connections with other community members, give you an opportunity to take home edible and medicinal mushroom grow kits, sign up for events and get involved! 


This event has already occurred. Visit our events calendar for future events.


Golden Gate Branch

Downstairs Meeting Room
5606 San Pablo Ave.
Oakland, CA 94608
Phone: (510) 597-5023