Get Health Insurance: Help Enrolling in Covered California

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Free expert help enrolling in or renewing health insurance through Covered California.

Not sure if you qualify? Get answers to your questions!

Drop-in, no appointment necessary.

To get enrolled, bring 

  • Proof of current income (tax return, W-2, recent pay stub, unemployment, disability benefits, social security benefits, rental income, business/self-employment income, etc.).
  • California ID or Driver's License of person applying for the family.
  • For each family member not born in the US, bring a US Passport, Legal Resident Card (green card), Certificate of Citizenship or Naturalization Documentation or other legal immigration papers.
  • Birth Dates for all family members
  • Social Security numbers for all family members

To ensure renewal or update on your existing coverage, bring

  • A letter from Covered California with your CASE number.
  • Each family's health insurace card(s) such as Anthem, Blue Shield, or Kaiser health card.
  • California ID or Driver's License of the person who is applying for the family.
  • To add a new family member, bring the required documents of new member as stated above.
  • To change address, bring your new address.
  • To update income, bring proof of current income.


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