Latham Memorial Fountain Unveiled: a Conversation About Art and History

Image of Latham Memorial Fountain.

Join artist Kari Marboe, BLOCK Gallery owner Lacey Haslam, and Oakland historian Annalee Allen as they discuss Oakland's historic sites, public art and memorials at the Main Library. 

Latham Memorial Fountain Unveiled is Kari Marboe’s most recent work with BLOCK Gallery. It is a site-specific text installation that tells the story of how the fountain came to be in Latham Square using history pulled from the Oakland Public Library combined with the artist’s original writing. 

BLOCK Gallery is a curatorial-based art program started by Lacey Haslam.  It began in 2010 as a project to test how art is experienced outside the walls of a gallery or museum, and is now a platform for curators to challenge the paradigms of exhibition making and for artists to broaden their exposure.  With a network of curators and artists, Lacey Haslam coordinates exhibitions in alternative venues and public spaces.  By embedding creative, independent thought into accessible spaces, the gallery aims to expand the contemporary art audience through experience, exposure and education.

Annalee Allen is a weekly columnist with the Oakland Tribune Newspaper, writing on topics relating to landmarks, tours, and local history. She currently serves on the Alameda County Parks Recreation and Historical Commission and on the Board of the Alameda County Historical Society.  She is also a past-Trustee of the Pardee Home Museum. Allen is the author of three books on Oakland landmarks and history.  Annalee coordinates the Oakland Tours Program, sponsored by the City of Oakland’s Cultural Arts and Marketing Department.




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