Urban Arts Workshops for Teens: Sticker Slaps

Photo of street art sticker "Set Your Ideas Free" by Jasab on Flickr.com

“Sticker Slaps - Urban Arts for Social Change” with the Estria Foundation

Want to change the world? Do it with art! This 2-hour workshop will show you how street art can uplift the voice of the people. Join long-time Oakland activist Nancy Hernandez, of the Estria Foundation, to draw inspiration from local and national social justice movements and explore how visuals play a role in making social change. Students will get to experiment with paint markers to create their own slogans on stickers to take home. Got something to say about politics, the environment, youth curfews, LGBTQ rights or any other issue? Make your message stick!

Sticker Slaps is part of a series of urban art workshops co-hosted by Oakland Public Library and the Estria Foundation. For a full list of workshops click here.

Workshops accompany a year-long Youth Mural Arts Exhibit on display at four Oakland Public Library locations, November 2013-2014. For exhibit locations and details click here.

For general information call: (510) 238-7233

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ABOUT THE SPONSORS: The Estria Foundation, host of the Estria Battle, supports artists to create large-scale public art to raise awareness on community and environmental issues.


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