The Magic and Mystery of Vincent Van Gogh (NOTE DATE CHANGE!)

Self portrait by Van Gogh, in blue shirt and straw hat.

Discover the joy, beauty, sorrow and genius of this amazing artist. View over 100 slides of his paintings, drawings, watercolors, lithographs and etchings. Included will be rarely-seen childhood drawings, his gorgeous mixed media works on paper from his early Dutch years, and photographs of him and his family.

Local artist and Van Gogh scholar Marlene Aron shares stories about Van Gogh's childhood, places he lived, jobs he held before he became an artist, and his life in Paris, as he discovered, socialized, exhibited and became friends with the new avant-garde artists of the day: the Impressionists.

Join Marlene Aron for an in-depth journey into the life and work of one of the most brilliant and influential artists of the 19th Century. A man whose deep spiritual convictions and love of peasants, laborers and working poor drove him to create some of the most powerful, beautiful, and deeply moving and personal art ever seen.


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