Art Exchange: Herat, Afghanistan & Oakland, California

Shared Studios Portal / Art Exchange / Oakland, Calif.

Join us for an evening of Art Exchange (AE) between the Shared Studios portals of Herat, Afghanistan and Oakland, California. As part of an on-going recognition throughout the first year of the Temescal Branch Library's second century of service, the curatorial collaborative known as "One Hundred for One Hundred" that has put together a series of art-related events in connection to the branch library's centennial, will host a virtual exchange of art work with colleagues in Herat, Afghanistan, using the "Oakland Portal" situated at Oakland International High School.

Shared Studios Portals are gold-colored shipping containers outfitted with technology that enables users to create face-to-face connections between Portals across the globe. Art Exchange plays with the idea of global trade where currency exchange and the import and export of commodity goods are often thought of as the only types of international transactions. AE emphasizes art not as a commodity good but rather as an invaluable asset of cultural capital. This activation of Shared Studios portals is about celebrating localities through the interpretation of art between two sites 7,500 miles apart

Oakland and Bay Area based artists or community members are invited to bring art work into the Oakland Portal to share with people who are invited to do the same in the Herat Portal. Exchanges will be available on a first come, first serve basis and are limited based on time slots and the physical dimensions of the portal. For reference, time slots will be gauged by the level of engagement and each portal can fit a maximum of about 8-10 people at one time. Everyone is invited to participate or spectate. If you have concerns or questions about how your artwork can fit, please email Ellen Chamberlin, curator of the Oakland Portal at ellen.chamberlin (at = "@")

Please RSVP by visiting Art Exchange on Evenbrite.

Art Exchange is initiated by co-organizers and co-curators Sophie Appel, Robert L. Borsdorf IV, Andrew Sungtaek Ingersoll, Jear Keokham, Omar Mohammad & Cole Solinger in collaboration with Ellen Chamberlin, Curator of the Oakland Portal, Saied Habibi, Curator of the Herat Portal, Rashed Naqibullah & Danyal Zaheer.

(Photograph courtesy of Shared Studios.)

Art Exchange is an offsite event in connection with the Temescal Branch Library. Oakland Portal is situated at the southwest corner of 48th & Webster Streets on the campus of International High School.


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Oakland Portal @ International High School

Coordinated through the Temescal Branch Library