Summer Fun for Adults: Health and Wellness

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This summer, as part of the virtual Summer Fun Program for Adults, we will celebrate a different fun theme each week. On Mondays, you will find a reading list, curated by knowledgeable library staff, on our Advice for Reader's Blog. Some weeks will also have a special virtual program, video, or activity.

This week we're refocusing on health and wellness. This week we encourage you to take time for self-care. What can you do for yourself this week to build your constitution, your strength, or your peace of mind? We also encourage you to think about what we might change in the world to build healthier communities. How can we ensure that everyone is able to live free from violence and pollution, to access the care and nutrition they need, and to have the opportunity to live their healthiest life? Take a look at the Advice for Readers blog. You'll find a guide to books and other OPL resources that support mental health. Let's begin from within!

Then, sign up for the Summer Fun Program. You can write reviews or do activities to get raffle tickets. Prizes include lot of fun things to support your ability to play, including a Chromebook, a free Annual BayWheels membership, boating on Lake Merritt and gift cards for groceries, gardening supplies, sporting goods, books and coffee.

Here are this week's activities. You only need to do one to earn a raffle ticket:

Next week: Arts & Expression - get started on Sunday 6/21 with a special virtual tour of the studio of artist Sean Äaberg


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