Canceled: Meditation: For Stress Reduction

Dr. Zaslowe

This event has been canceled by Dr Zaslove.


We are living in a high-anxiety world, where peace seems like an elusive commodity.

Yet, waiting within you is a 'portable paradise,' a lush garden of personal peace and joy that you can visit at will, 24-7--simply by sitting in meditation!


Dr. Marshall Zaslove will offer simple, effective techniques, and will demonstrate the most practical methods of controlling and calming the mind for better meditations and many other health benefits. As a result, stress is reduced, and that permanent place of peace and joy is found within.

Marshall Zaslove, MD is a Board-certified psychiatric physician with 4 decades of experience in clinical medicine, research, and teaching. He has given workshops to such prestigious organizations as NIH, APA, and the American College of Cardiology. He has been practicing meditation regularly for 47 years, and teaching it to professional, scientific, and lay audiences for the past 20 years. He is a bestselling medical author, and his most recent book is Meditation as Medication for the Soul (contributing author)



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