Conscious Aging: Growing Whole, Not Old

Photo of Janet Piggins

What does it mean to age in today’s world?

In this interactive workshop series we’ll explore ways of living a vital and engaged second half of life.

Facilitator Janet Elaine Piggins is a social worker who has worked in the fields of gerontology, aging, and hospice.

Each session will focus on a different topic on aging with intention. Attend one or all workshops.

Library events are FREE. No advance sign-ups required. For more information, please contact the library at 510-597-5017.

Session One: Aging - A New Perspective  (September 16)

What is the experience of aging in the 21st century? What positive and negative ideas about ‘old people’ do we carry with us and where did those ideas come from?  How do we create our own images to become the older person we want to be? 

Session Two: Harvesting Life’s Wisdom (September 30)

Looking back at the whole arc of our lives, we ask, “What has my life been about? What skills, talents and abilities have I developed? What relationships and life experiences have been the most meaningful?”  We then look at the past from our present-day wisdom in order to see where forgiveness for ourselves or others may be in order. 

Session Three: Facing Our Mortality (October 14)

Concerns about mortality can bring up a lot of anxiety as we age, but many benefits come to those who are ‘look mortality in the eye’ and learn about what’s ahead. During this session, we will discuss why many people are reluctant to confront these practical, emotional and spiritual issues, as well as how best to do so. 

Session Four: Leaving a Legacy (October 28)

How do we share our heritage, values and blessings with those we care about? Through journaling and use of other expressive tools, we become more conscious of the values that have shaped our life and how to share them with those we love. 




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