Alternier Cook

Alternier Cook (she/her/hers)

11/14/21 - 11/13/24

Alternier Baker Cook was appointed to the LAC 11/14/2018 to represent District 3. She holds a B.S. Degree in Applied Social Sciences from S.U.N.Y. (State University of New York) at Binghamton and an MSW Degree from Cal-State Long Beach.

She is a member of the City of Oakland Community Development Block Grant Commission, appointed January 2019. She is also the Chair of the Friends of the Hoover Durant Public Library (FOHDPL). She is also a member of the Hoover Foster Residential Action Council and the City of Oakland Police Department Beat 6X Crime Prevention Council Steering Committee.

Alternier is a long time City of Oakland resident, she enjoys spending time with her family, listening to jazz, and exploring fashion. She likes to read mysteries by and about Blacks and historical novels about Spanish speaking and Asian cultures.

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