Online Government Resources

The Oakland Public Library is a Federal Depository Library. For information about our collection of government documents published in print, microfiche, DVD or CD visit our Collections page

Documents for Review

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E-Government Literacy at the Library

Electronic government (or e-Government) means using technology, mainly the Internet, to access government resources and to increase efficiency, transparency and citizen participation in government functions. While much of the Oakland Public Library’s government documents collection is in print form, increasingly the government has ceased printing documents, releasing them instead in electronic format.  You may access many of these documents directly through the library’s computer catalog by clicking on the link provided.  You may also access government websites and many government documents via the internet. Please use this guide as a starting point to exploring electronic government resources.

Librarians can help you access e-government information in the following ways:

  • Helping you to find information about government programs and services, jobs, education, health, tax information, and other government transactions.
  • Helping you to locate specific websites with applications and forms you may need.
  • Setting up free e-mail accounts you may need for transactions.
  • Printing copies of your transactions.

Librarians cannot help you to fill out applications and forms or determine which forms you need.  If you have a form number we will assist you in locating and downloading the form.

Getting Started

You are welcome to use Oakland Public Library’s computers for the many e-government resources available.