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A service for readers from Oakland Public Library.

Looking for something great to read? Use the form below to tell us what you like (and dislike!) and a librarian will send you a personalized reading list. We'll try to get it to you within two weeks.

Students: Your OUSD email address will not work for this form. Please use a different email address.

Please list a few of your favorite books and authors and let us know why you like them. Make sure to list anything in particular that you most like in a story such as action, strong characters, the way the author uses language, location, etc.

Please list books and authors you DON'T like and let us know why you don't like them.

For example: e-books, downloadable audiobooks, books on CD, large print? Please list all that apply.

Surprise me!

Check here for Surprise Me. For a quicker response, we’ll place a few books on hold for you instead of sending you a reading list. (This option works for physical materials only.)

For the Surprise Me option, please include the last four digits of your library card.

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