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E-answers is an easy way to get brief answers to factual questions via e-mail. We can also direct you to relevant Web sites and databases to help you with your research and give you other suggestions on where you can find the information you are seeking.

How it works

Send your question via e-mail to We can answer up to five questions per person per week.

In your message, please include:

  • Your question, described in detail
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Examples of questions we can answer

  • Who was the first mayor of Oakland?
  • How can I access your e-books?
  • Do you have the address and phone number for the local chapter of Toastmasters?
  • Does your library have free homework help?
  • How do you spell...?
  • Where can I find a short biography of Isadora Duncan?

Examples of How to Ask a Question

In order to get you the best answer, we need to know your exact question. See the examples below for tips on asking a question.

  • "When were the Peloponnesian Wars and how long did they last?" is better than "Do you have anything on the Peloponnesian Wars?"
  • "Can you tell me what California Sea Lions feed on?" is better than "Do you have any information on pinnipeds?"
  • "What products does Clorox manufacture?" is better than "What do you have on Clorox?"