The Library
Advisory Commission

Kathryn Sterbenc (Chairperson)

Shanthi Gonzales
(Vice Chairperson)


Muhammad M. Alabi

Ain Bailey

Victoria Barbero

Ruby Bernstein

David Bolaños

Roy Chan

Yael Franco

Sylvester Grisby

April Harper

Jeanetta Mack

Tom Manley

Carolyn Mixon

Genevieve Katz

Jessica Leavitt

Kathryn O’Neal

Susanne M. Perkins

Andrew Racle

Charles Sanchez

Steven G. Tidrick

Linda White-Taylor

Greetings from your Library Advisory Commission! People sometimes think we are part of the library’s administration or staff. Actually, we are volunteer advocates — Oaklanders who feel a deep appreciation for the public library’s power to strengthen communities and provide equal access for all.

We are committed to increasing community awareness of the Oakland Public Library’s role as a vibrant community center, education partner, and temple of information and inspiration. We also take seriously our mandated duty to advise the library staff, Mayor, and City Council on OPL policies, and we are vigilant in providing citizen oversight of Measure Q parcel tax expenditures.

The LAC is diligently working on multiple fronts to safeguard the future of the Library, ensuring that its critical programs and services will continue to be available to all present and future Oakland residents in every neighborhood. Investment in the Library – a full partner in building a stronger community and in increasing public safety – IS an investment in our city.

The public library bolsters economic security, supports children and parents, provides access to technology, and serves as a gateway from isolation to inclusion. We on the LAC are honored to carry that message. We will keep working hard to ensure that the public has a voice in how decisions are made about the future of public libraries in Oakland. To add your voice, please contact us at





Kathryn Sterbenc, Chairperson

Shanthi Gonzales, Vice Chairperson

Library Advisory Commission