COVID-19 INFO for Oakland Teens

This webpage is designed to gather information that teens in Oakland may want to have about COVID-19 and its effect on our society.

If you have a question that we do not answer here, please reach out to and a Teen Services staff person will answer you! 

Here's a cute PDF condensed version of this information.

Here's an online interactive condensed version with pages that turn.

Please Note: We are no longer able to regularly update this FAQ due to limited capacity while most library staff have been redeployed as Disaster Service Workers and others are redesigning safe library service for the times of social distancing. We have reduced this FAQ to a handful of regularly updated reliable sources that will lead you to a lot of useful information. If you have any recommendations, please email us any regularly updated websites and news sources that would be useful for Oakland teens! -Teen Services

Last updated: May 30, 2020

COVID-19 INFO for Oakland Teens


  • Alameda County policy and resources including stay-at-home and social distancing rules, and how the virus has affected Alameda County:


  • State of California policy and resources including support for elders, mental health resources, volunteering, unemployment and support for immigrants:








  • Oakland Unified School District (OUSD):








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