Make a Poem out of a Newspaper, Book, or Magazine

April is National Poetry Month and today is Earth Day, so how about a craft that is great for both!  (Of course, you can do it any time of the year.)

With Black Out Poetry, you can be creative with words, images, and reuse. To start, just grab something with words on it that would otherwise be trash (or recycling).  It can be a newspaper, a magazine, a book you no longer want, or even your old homework.  That and a marker is really all you need, but you can get creative and use other pens and supplies if you have them.

Don't forget to watch the videos below these instructions and to share your finished product with us. We can't wait to see.

Black Out Poetry

What You Need

  • Withdrawn book (that you no longer want), newspaper, magazine, or other page with words
  • Markers
  • Scissors (Optional: to cut out page)

How To Do It

  1. Using a withdrawn book (or whatever material with words you've chosen), pick a page.

  1. Option A: Mark around the words that would make up the poem and black out the rest
  2. Option B: Draw a picture using markers that won’t completely black out the words and then draw a box in the words for use in the poem.


4. Admire your work! And don't forget to show us how it turns out.  We'd love to see!  Email us your photos or post and tag us on social media.  You can find us on FacebookFlickrInstagram, and Twitter.

Check out Stephanie, from the Main TeenZone, and Katrina, from the Rockridge Branch, showing you how to do it!  They both have different techniques, and different results, equally cool.

Download a printable version of the instructions.