Make Your Own Drink Koozy From a Sock

This craft project is perfect for Earth Day! You get to reuse something that might otherwise become trash and you get to make something new that can be used over and over again, replacing the throw-away versions we often are given.

In the instructions and on the demo, you'll see us sewing on buttons, but you can get creative with this, and find ways to decorate with whatever you have in your house.  

Don't forget to watch the video below these instructions and to share your finished product with us. We can't wait to see.


What You Need

  • Sock
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Buttons
  • Felt

How To Do It

  1. Choose a sock that you no longer want. Maybe it's finally time to give up on ever finding the match! For the purpose of these instructions we used ankle socks. Cut off the heel and the toe part of the sock.


  1. Thread your needle. Take your button, place it over the sock and sew it on. If you need further instructions on how to sew a button on please visit this link

  1. Admire your finished koozie.  And don't forget to show us how it turns out.  Just email us a picture or tag us on social media!  And, please share your finished crafts with us.  We'd love to see!  Email us your photos or post and tag us on social media.  You can find us on FacebookFlickrInstagram, and Twitter.



Watch Griffin, the Dimond Branch Teen Librarian, give it a try!

Download a printable version of the instructions.