Make a Zine (a Homemade Book) Out of a Single Piece of Paper

For this craft. all you need is a piece of paper, and something to write (or draw) with. Did you know that you can make a mini-zine (a little book) out of a single piece of paper?

Zines are a great way to express yourself.  You can say anything you like in any format you like.  They are easy to reproduce and to give away to friends or family or even to strangers (leave them in a coffee shop, or in other public spaces.)

We have a great zine collection in the Main Library TeenZone and when the library reopens we'd love to add your zine to our collection. We can make a copy of it, give you the original, and make it available for other teens to check out.  You could be a published author with your zine in a real library collection!

Or, you can just keep them for yourself, private like a diary.

So, are you ready to get started?

Veronica, a librarian in the Main Library TeenZone, shows you how:

Here's how you make and fold the zine:

Download a printable version of the instructions.

Please share your finished zine with us.  We'd love to see!  Email us your photos or post and tag us on social media.  You can find us on FacebookFlickrInstagram, and Twitter.