Leadership Programs

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Did you know? Oakland is home to some of the most vibrant youth organizing and leadership programs in the country! It's true, here's just some of the ways Oakland youth are creating a better world and a healthier city!

Around the Bay
Oakland Library's Youth Leadership Council

The YOUTH LEADERSHIP COUNCIL is a youth-driven advisory board for Oakland Public Library. Together, we help the library improve its service to young people, and promote library access and enjoyment among our city's diverse residents.

Kids First

Oakland Kids First (OKF) works with 120 core youth leaders, 3,400 additional students across four high school campuses, and 100 teachers or administrators annually through programs that cultivate belonging and build power for young people to advance racial and educational equity. Our programming integrates positive youth development practices, youth-led school culture and climate improvement campaigns, youth participatory action research, restorative justice, and peer mentoring activities so that all participants are supported to learn, grow, develop skills, and build positive connections.

Youth Together

Develop student leadership skills, multiracial solidarity, and improve school conditions and connect to important causes. Sites at five Oakland schools.

Urban Peace Movement

Young people helping to spread the message of urban peace, "Silence the Violence," and community leadership.

YMCA Youth and Government

Youth & Government is a hands-on learning experience for middle and high school teens that builds vital leadership and social skills. Through a simulation learning process, participants play key positions in world politics and state government, learn about different cultures and ideas, and forge strong bonds with their peers.

Youth Uprising Civic Engagement Program

Young people improving communities and themselves through public service, community organizing, and public-awareness campaigns.


Academic programs and community service all in one!

GLSEN - National Student Council and Other Opportunities

A national network of LGBTQ youth and allies taking action. 

SOUL Summer School

SOUL offers an intensive 8-week introduction to community organizing and social change, designed for young activists who have been involved with social justice organizing for at least one year.

On the Web
YO! Disabled and Proud

Connecting, Organizing, and Educating Youth with Disabilities.