In Your Community

Did you know? Oakland is home to some of the most vibrant youth organizing and leadership programs in the country! It's true, here's just some of the ways Oakland youth are creating a better world and a healthier city!

Oakland Library's Youth Leadership Council

Heal the Streets Fellowship

Heal the Streets traings Oakland youth to become community leaders and peace advocates through a 10-month fellowship. From Ella Baker Center for Human Rights.

KidsFirst - REAL HARD

Training and support for students to change their relationship to themselves, to their peers, and to their education.

Youth Together

Develop student leadership skills, multiracial solidarity, and improve school conditions and connect to important causes. Sites at six Oakland schools.

Urban Peace Movement

Young people helping to spread the message of urban peace, "Silence the Violence," and community leadership.

Flourish Agenda

Educating African-American youth for personal and social change.

Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice

SAFIRE and The Young Men's Program engage youth in organizing, education, and a mind/body approach to social change, reproductive justice and stronger families.

YMCA Urban Services

Become a leader for democracy, healthy living, and social responsibility.

Youth Uprising Civic Engagement Program

Young people improving communities and themselves through public service, community organizing, and public-awareness campaigns.

SOUL Summer School

SOUL offers an intensive 8-week introduction to community organizing and social change, designed for young activists who have been involved with social justice organizing for at least one year.


Academic programs and community service all in one!


A national network of LGBTQ youth and allies taking action. From GLSEN.

YO! Disabled and Proud

Connecting, Organizing, and Educating Youth with Disabilities.