Has your library card expired?

The Oakland Public Library asks all of its patrons to update or confirm their library record every three years. Any patron who does not have an updated record will not be able to check out materials nor have access to online resources. In order to re-register, here’s what patrons need to know, and what they need to do:

  • Every three years, all patrons with library cards must re-register their card;
  • Patrons can re-register at any Oakland Public Library by providing their library card and current home and email address and telephone number;
  • Patrons can also re-register by phone at 510-238-3144 during open hours or by calling their local Oakland Public Library Branch;
  • Patrons can also re-register by email, by emailing eanswers@oaklandlibrary.org from their email address on record, and providing their full name, library card number, current home address, and telephone number;
  • Check-outs and access to online services will not be available to any patron who has not verified their card. 

As part of the program to update its patron database, beginning January 2011, the Library will purge records of patrons who have not re-registered their library card.

All patron information will be protected under the California Privacy Act and will remain confidential and will not be shared.