Hotel Oakland memorabilia, 1912-1981

Hotel Oakland brochure, circa 1914.
Hotel Oakland brochure, circa 1914. Oakland Public Library, Oakland History Center.

Brochures, menus, concert programs, letterhead stationary, and other materials relating to the history and preservation of the Hotel Oakland.

The Hotel Oakland was built between 1910 and 1912 and cost more than $3,000,000. Occupying one city block in Oakland's downtown, the hotel was a focal point for the city’s social life into the 1920s and hosted several U. S. Presidents and other celebrities. It suffered several bankruptcies in the 1930s due to both the depression and management difficulties and in 1943 the U.S. Army took possession of it for use as a military hospital, auctioning off all the historic furnishings in the process. Following World War II, several unsuccessful attempts were made to reopen the hotel to the public before the Veterans' Administration took over the building as a hospital. When the V.A. left in August, 1963, the building was vacant until a developer gained possession in 1978 and converted it into a senior living community.

(OHC COLL 2012-3)

35 pieces in 1 box (.2 linear feet)

Available at Oakland History Center, Main Library.