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Black History Month Crafts for Adults

Create fun crafts inspired by Black heroes!



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Oakland History

Oakland-Berkeley Firestorm: a 30th Anniversary Retrospective

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Oakland-Berkeley Firestorm, the Oakland History Center held a panel discussion on the causes.

Sky Rider: Park Van Tassel & rise of ballooning in the West

Author Gary Fogel shares the amazing story of the intrepid, turn-of-the-century hot air balloonist and Oakland resident Park Van Tassel.

Bertram Gordon : History & Legacy of Mills College

Professor Bertram Gordon discusses the history of Mills College, Oakland's oldest continuously-operating educational institution.

East Meets West : Fong Wan's Chinese Niteries

Oakland's famous herbalist Fong Wan was also a successful nightclub owner and restauranteur. His son Calvin Fong shares exciting stories.



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