When Your Class Visits the Library

When Your Class Visits the Library

Welcome to the Library!

You will meet a person who works at the library. Someone who works at the library will always wear a nametag. You can call them by their name! 

The librarian will talk about how to use the library. 

  • It’s free to borrow books, movies, and toys, but you have to bring them back. 
  • You can also download movies and music online through the library’s website! 
  • You need to have a library card to borrow things or use the computer. 
  • You do not need to have a library card to come to the library and play, hang out, or see a show. Anyone can come to the library whenever they want. The library is for everyone. 

At The Library

It’s exciting when your class visits the library! Sometimes you can get a library card, check out books, or even see a magician.  

When you visit the library: 

  • You will use a library voice. It’s quiet! 
  • If you already have a library card, bring it! 
  • If you have any books to return, bring them with you. The librarian will show you where to put them. 
  • Ask the librarian where to find the books you want. 
  • Remember to check your books out before you take them home! You will need to bring your books back in three weeks. 
  • Always listen to your teacher’s instructions! 

For Teachers

Teachers & Educators

We've got all the information you need about class visits, getting your students library cards, and books for your classes.

In Your School

Sometimes a librarian comes to your school. They might read a story to your class. They might talk about special things that are happening at the library, like Summer Reading! 

You won’t be able to borrow books when you visit in your classroom instead of the library, but the librarian will tell you how to come to the library to get books or download them online. 


Your class can have a virtual visit from a librarian. It’s fun to see someone new online! The librarian might read your class a story or sing a song. 

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