Teacher Cards

The Oakland Public Library Offers Teacher Cards to Local Educators.

Who Can Get a Teacher Card?

Any individual who currently works as a:

  • teacher
  • educator
  • administrator
  • librarian
  • childcare provider
  • afterschool program provider

at a school, childcare facility, adult educational facility, or afterschool program in the cities of Oakland, Emeryville, or Piedmont.

You will need a paystub or other proof of employment.

Benefits of Teacher Cards

  • Borrow print books for six weeks instead of three
  • Up to 30 holds at a time, instead of 15
Teacher cards cannot be used to borrow Link+ or interlibrary loan items, or items for personal use. 
eBooks and other digital materials cannot checked out for longer than usual with a Teacher Card.

Who Is Responsible for Fees on a Teacher Card?

OPL is fine free, so no one has to worry about late fines.

If items are lost or damaged, fees will be added to the Teacher Card. You won't be able to use your Teacher Card if it has more than $50 in fees.

How Do I Apply?

There's no separate application for a Teacher Card. Fill out a regular library card application and visit the library or contact us to request teacher card status.

Teacher cards must be renewed every two years by showing proof of continued work as an educator.

You Can Verify Your Current Teacher Status With Any of The Following:

  • School or institution ID
  • School or institution paystub
  • CA family childcare home license
  • Affidavit of Private School
  • Letter of acknowledgement of homeschooling from a local school district (Oakland, Piedmont, or Emeryville)
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