Black in the Bay

Black in the Bay

African American History and Culture in the Bay Area

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Unsung Heroes that Helped Desegregate Public Libraries

A brief history of some of the people who fought to desegregate American Public Libraries.

Black in the Bay highlights the richness and diversity of African American history and culture in the Bay Area.  This site features blog posts, staff reading lists, virtual programs, and online resources that explore all aspects of California's Black heritage and present-day experience.

Discover African American trailblazers who shaped local history and celebrate what it means being Black in the Bay today.
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Read Articles By OPL Librarians

Articles by OPL librarians help you explore African American history, culture, and creativity from a contemporary perspective.


Recommended Reads on Black Experiences

OPL staff recommend memoirs, fiction, cookbooks, poetry, and more from African American authors.

Staff Lists

New at OPL

Watch Original OPL Programs on African American Experiences

Enjoy videos of original OPL programs on a variety of topics covering African American history, arts, and culture.


Noname Book Club

Noname Book Club

The Oakland Public Library is excited to partner with Noname’s Book Club to help you find the monthly selections for free.

AAMLO Digital Underground

AAMLO Digital Underground

A collection of titles from OPL's African American Museum and Library that you can read on the go.

African American Perspectives

Gale In Context: African American Perspectives

Study the history of African Americans in the United States.
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