What Can I Use?

What Can I Use?

Online Resources

Use a research database, learn a language, and more. See all online resources.

Family History & Genealogy Resources

Research your family history at the Oakland Public Library.

Foundation Directory Online (FDO)

FDO by Candid

Login with your library card to search for information about grantmakers and their grants.

Great Things You Can Do At Your Library.

It's Your Library!

African American Museum and Library at Oakland (AAMLO)

Visit AAMLO in person or online. Get to know Oakland's African American history.

Oakland History Center (OHC)

The Oakland History Center is a nexus for the study of the history and current development of the East Bay.

Oakland Tool Lending Library (OTLL)

The Oakland Tool Lending Library has everything you need for that big repair job.


Government Documents

Research government documents at the Oakland Public Library.


Score & Sheet Music Collection

Music scores, sheet music, and songbooks.


Veterans' Resources

Resources for Veterans at the Oakland Public Library.


Accessibility at OPL

Accessibility is for everyone at OPL.
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