Welcome to OPL’s New Website!

It's Your Library—Online.

The Oakland Public Library is thrilled to introduce you to our new website. Take a look around!

Here are some of the features we're most excited about:

  • Our new website is mobile friendly and easy to use on any device. 
  • You can search the catalog, website, FAQs, or events.
  • When you search the catalog, “smart search” makes it just like searching the web—enter just what you're looking for and find it quickly.
  • Our new header navigation is intuitive and based on natural language. Look for books, movies, and other content under Read Listen Watch, stuff for kids under Grow & Play, things to do under See & Do, and things you can learn under Learn.
  • You can use geolocation to find the library that’s closest to you, or see a list of all locations.
  • We’ve made expanded presences for our special collection locations: Oakland History Center, Oakland Tool Lending Library, and the African American Museum and Library at Oakland.
  • Filter events by date, location, type, who's going, or language to see a custom list, or search for the event you want.
  • Find answers to your questions easily by searching or browsing our FAQs.
  • In the new catalog, you can:
    • Rate and review items
    • Make lists for yourself or to share
    • Set up custom shelves to keep track of your reading
    • Follow other users, including Oakland Public Library staff!

Ready to try it out? Set up your account today!

We'd love to get your feedback! Drop us a line.