10 Great Reasons to Read Fiction in October 2020

Do you have room on your holds list? Here are 10 works of fiction coming out this month you'll want to get your eyes on.

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October is Black Speculative Fiction Month

New books (and old!) for Black Speculative Fiction Month.

Oakland Public Library has books to help you celebrate Black Speculative Fiction Month. Listed below are some titles released during the past few years, in case you missed them, and several released just this year.

If you're new to Black Speculative fiction or are looking for older titles you can find those in our Advice for Reader's 2019 and 2018 blog posts.

There are many opinions and conversations taking place about the Black Speculative fiction genre. It's Lit offers an informative and engaging short video describing the history of Black Speculative Fiction, Afrofuturism and

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Reasons to Read Non-Fiction: Election 2020

In this week's Advice for Readers blog, we take a look at some books on politics in 2020 that you may have overlooked.


As if we haven’t been through enough already, it’s election season! This week’s Advice for Readers blog highlights books from 2020 that illuminate our current national political circumstances: how we got here, some of the major political figures, and how we can use the power of the people to create a better future for us all. 

The Oakland Public Library has put together an informational page entitled, "How To Make Sure Your Vote Counts," containing information on voter registration, deadlines, early voting (starts Monday, October 5th!), language assistance, and more. Click

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Annual Festival of Black Dolls Show & Sale

The American Black Beauty Doll Artists convenes its annual Festival of Black Dolls Show & Sale virtually with AAMLO.

This year the African American Museum and Library (AAMLO) at Oakland will host the annual Festival of Black Dolls Show & Sale, streaming live on Saturday, November 7, 2020 at American Black Beauty Doll Artists Facebook and YouTube ChannelDue to the pandemic this year’s show will be exclusively online. Stay up-to-date on what is going on at AAMLO through our electronic newsletter. Sign up today.

Karen Oyekanmi, in the 1980s found it difficult to find positive African American dolls for her young daughter. As a result, in 1984 she gathered a group of six like-minded women from

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Virtually Browse Our New Indie Fiction Releases Late Summer/Early Fall 2020

Do you miss browsing the new book section at the library and finding books you wouldn’t have otherwise discovered? Here’s what’s new in fiction on our shelves from smaller presses and lesser known authors.

Some of us love looking over a bestseller list or recent book award announcements for reading ideas (like the recently announced Booker and National Book Award nominations for example). But maybe you’re someone who misses perusing our new book section, searching for a more obscure gem.  Since you can’t browse our stacks in person, here’s a list of new fiction titles available at the library from independent publishers, university presses and books in translation.

Descriptions in italics provided by the publishers. 

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How to find NEW Children's Books!

We’re still selecting and ordering the latest published books. Check out the “Featured Lists” within our Classic Catalog to see a list of newly arrived materials, ask for a "New Book Bundle" at sidewalk pickup, and check out this blog on the last Tuesday of each month.

One of my favorite library experiences, as both a librarian and a patron, is admiring and purusing the new books that come in to the library.  

I get excited when books that I’ve ordered arrive at my desk for processing...there’s just something about that new book smell!  

As a children’s librarian in the Children’s Room at the Main Library it made me so happy to watch families search the latest books for the perfect read 

Even though we are offering side walk service at many of our locations, we know that it’s been hard not for you not to be able to browse the shelves and

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Oakland Public Library Launches Playlist to Help You Find New Books and More

Video tutorials to help you find books in OPL's online catalog.

Have you been wondering how to find new books in Oakland Public Library's catalog? We've created a brief tutorial that shows you how.

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