Guidelines for Behavior

The following activities and behaviors are prohibited in the building:

  1. Weapons and explosives are not allowed on library property.
  2. Theft or any other illegal activity.
  3. Physically abusing or assaulting other patrons or staff.
  4. Use of abusive, threatening, harassing or offensive language.
  5. Challenging another person to fight or engaging in any fight.
  6. Leaving children seven or younger unattended by a parent or responsible caregiver.
  7. Exposing one's private parts or engaging in any sexual act or soliciting any sexual act.
  8. Cutting, tearing, defacing, breaking, stealing or injuring any library book, materials or property.
  9. Presenting offensive and pervasive odor or odors which constitute a nuisance to other patrons of staff.
  10. Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs to the extent that one is unable to exercise care for one's own safety or the safety of others.
  11. Creating any unreasonable noise, including loud talking, singing, running, boisterous activity, and the playing of audio equipment of any type, which disturbs other patrons or staff.
  12. Eating, drinking or displaying open food or liquid containers, except in designated areas.  (Caregivers may feed their children 3 and under anywhere in the library.)
  13. Monopolizing library space, seating, tables or equipment to the exclusion of other patrons or staff, or obstructing paths with personal belongings.
  14. Failing to wear shirt/top, pants/skirt, and shoes.
  15. Sleeping or lying on the floor, tables or chairs.
  16. Shaving, bathing or laundering clothes in public restrooms.
  17. Riding a bicycle, riding a skateboard, or wearing roller skates/rollerblades.
  18. Soliciting or begging for money or other items, or selling any items.
  19. Distribution of or posting of any printed material except through authorized library procedures.
  20. Bringing any animals (except service animals) into the building.
  21. Engaging in any act which clearly disrupts or prevents the normal and intended use of the public library by any other patrons or staff.

Persons who commit prohibited acts may be excluded from the library or subject to arrest and prosecution.

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