Oakland Oral History Project : oral history transcripts, 1997-1999

Oral history participant Margaret Saito, 1998.
Oral history participant Margaret Saito, 1998. Oakland Public Library, Oakland History Center.

The Oakland Oral History Project aimed to collect the oral histories of senior Oakland residents of different ethnic backgrounds in Oakland. The project focused on race relations, with special emphasis on housing, labor, education, and cultural institutions, and inquired into the forces that shaped Oakland's racial, ethnic and cultural mosaic.

The collection includes transcripts and/or recordings for these interviewees: Mary Adams, Walter Bachemin, Elsie and Albini Giani, Walter Green, Edith K. Hill, Joseph Johnson, Gladys M. Jordan, Alvin W. Kidder, Jean Kushman, Elmer McConnelly, Issac and Hazel McGrew, Margaret Saito, Shirley Smith, Hadwick A. Thompson, Avery Wafer, and Earl Watkins.
(OHC COLL 2015-12)
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Available at Oakland History Center, Main Library.