3.05 Metres: A Ten Foot Rule Primer, Prepared for the Benefit of Our Neighbours in the Canadian Provinces, by Shawn Granton

Excerpt from intro:

Welcome, y'all, to the TEN FOOT RULE Primer! Thanks for joining us! I guess introductions are in order, so I'll start. My name's SHAWN GRANTON, and I've been doing this comic-type thang for nearly five years now, which I guess is quite some time for this. TEN FOOT RULE (or TFR for short) isn't really about anything. There is no common theme, no continued story (though there are some recurring characters), and no social significance. This comic has been a hodgepodge of the debris that fills my brain, an escape valve for my misplaced creativity. Some of the stories are fictional (with maybe a vague basis on real events), while others are autobio. Sometimes humorous, sometimes serious...

  • Published in September 2001
  • shawntfr@hotmail.com