Black Panther Figurine of Mr. Chadwick Boseman

Artifact: Black Panther Figurine of Mr. Chadwick Boseman
Story: When the Black Panther movie first launched back in 2018, I was just as excited as any little kid for the premier.  Y’all know I loveeeeeeeeee Super Heroes, and it felt amazing to finally have a black man from our era play one, especially one who ruled a private, African kingdom.  I would spend countless hours on YouTube watching little children of color (and others) dancing, praising and even crying happy tears of joy because of all the excitement for this character.  Some schools went on field trips to the premiere, and I loved to see the children dancing on top of their desks and “throwing up” the Wakanda Forever sign (haha). 

I have never broken down in tears over a celebrity, but when I heard of Mr. Boseman’s untimely passing, I wept for weeks.  I was very, very broken hearted, and I still am.  He will always and forever be the original Black Panther, and may he rest in eternal peace 🧡
Contributor: Tab