Mixed Up! Vol. 2: The Mixed-Race Queer & Feminist Zine

Excerpt from intro:

Mixed Up! The Mixed-Race Queer Feminist (MRQF) Zine started off in 2013, with a qute [sic] queer crew in NYC that assembled a mixed feelings grab-bag of creative self-expression and storytelling from contributors representing a spectrum of queer, feminist, poc and white-passing mixed-race voices.

For this 2nd volume of the zine, the NYC crew passed the torch on to Oakland, and when our crew came together, we couldn't stop talking about food!
why we learned or didn't learn to nourish ourselves,

why we come to the table and have so many wounds to heal to get there,
why our snack and food choices shape and manifest our intersecting identities,
why eating connects us to our heritages and ancestors.

Why each tummy to tongue to teeth to finger to food to shopping cart to trailer to dirt movement is a ritual rooted in survival.

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