My First Wedding Album

Artifact: My First Wedding Album
Story: This photo album is from my first wedding day. I have kept it for over twenty years out of guilt. My mother paid for the photographer and the prints. When I look at these photos, I can still recall how the photographer kept grazing my breasts when he was "adjusting my veil" and that his breath reeked of scotch. Fuck that guy and fuck these photos.

As a couple, we looked stupid together. I am two inches taller than he is and have always appeared to be 1.25 times larger in ratio. I think I look like I'm going to eat him. GIANT BRIDE MUST EAT LITTLE MAN. But if I cover him up, I look AMAZING. Fuck that guy and fuck these photos.

In 1998 while we were walking to our car, he told me he slept with his friend Pete during our time dating long distance. While I forgave him and we were married another year and a half, I realized I could never trust him when we were apart. I don't hate him for being gay or bisexual or whatever. I hate he lied, and he didn't trust me enough to tell me. Fuck that guy and fuck these photos.

I ended our marriage, later remarried a very nice man I met at a scooter rally, welcomed a son, and adopted a wiener dog named Frank.
Contributor: Roberta Pennington