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OverDrive is your one-stop shop for free eBooks, audiobooks, movies, and music.

Check out up to 20 items at one time, and have up to 20 holds on your account.

OverDrive's "renew" feature places an advance hold for you, so that you may check an item out again if it has no other holds.

Use their Libby App, opens a new window to start reading now!

To start using OverDrive on your device now, download the Libby app.

To Start Using OverDrive on Your Device Now Download the Libby App for OverDrive

Libby App

App for borrowing and reading OverDrive eBooks, audiobooks, and more.

Lucky Day eBooks and eAudiobooks

Lucky Day eBooks

Check out these popular eBooks with no holds.

Lucky Day eAudiobooks

A collection of hot eAudiobook titles without holds.


  • Your checkout limit for OverDrive is 20 items.

  • You have the option of checking out e-Books and Audiobooks for either 7, 14, or 21 days. You can set up the default checkout time in the Account > Settings page.  

  • Yes. If the item out has no existing holds, OverDrive's "renew" feature places an advanced hold for you so that you may check it out again immediately after the current checkout expires. Find detailed instructions on the OverDrive website, opens a new window.
  • Download attempts are limited by media type. You have 30 tries to download EPUD or PDF files, but only 3 tries to download Audiobook files.
    If you're streaming your items on the Libby app or in a web browser, you don't need to worry about this!
  • Yes, you can have up to 12 holds on your account at a time.
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