Bulletin Board Policy

Bulletin boards are provided in libraries for the purpose of informing the public of:

  1. Events and programs sponsored by the Library. Library announcements have priority for the use of bulletin board space.
  2. Postings from the City of Oakland and other government agencies.
  3. Events of a civic, cultural, informational, or recreational nature held in the area served by the Library and sponsored by community, non-profit organizations, or neighborhood groups.


  1. A physical copy of all items intended for posting on a library bulletin board must first be submitted for approval by a manager or staff member in charge. Items posted without approval are subject to removal.
  2. Approval will be granted based upon library policy as herein stated and subject to available space.
  3. All efforts will be made to approve submitted items within 48 hours of the time of submission.
  4. Approved items will be dated and posted for a maximum of 30 days.


The following items/types will not be approved for use on bulletin boards:

  1. Political campaign materials of a partisan nature urging people to vote for or against a person or an issue.
  2. Postings designed for individual or commercial profit or gain.
  3. Postings proselytizing for a specific religious sect or affiliation.
  4. Postings containing content that could be considered discriminatory or harassing based on a group or individual's protected status (i.e., race, color, religion/religious creed, sex/gender, pregnancy, marital status, age, national origin/ancestry, physical and/or mental disability, medical condition, sexual orientation, gender identity, military or veteran status, or status in any other group protected by federal, state or local law) or which advocates in any way for such discrimination.
  5. Undated materials.

In the event that a group or individual would like to appeal the Library's decision not to display an item, an appeal may be made, in writing, to the Director of Library Services, whose decision shall be final.

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