10+ New Books to celebrate Tu Herencia

Hispanic Heritage Month  (or "Tu Herencia", as we like to call it around here because we know there is a plethora of identities across Spanish-speaking countries and among American Spanish speakers) begins today! Lucky for all of us, 2023 is loaded with new titles from Latine authors. Here's 10 great ones (plus a few more) to go read right now.

Family Lore by Elizabeth Acevedo. Acevedo, an acclaimed young adult author, makes her adult fiction debut with a multi-generational family story spanning three generations of the Marte women from the Dominican Republic to New York.

Where There Was Fire by John Manual Airas. The impact of a disastrous fruit planation fire in Puerto Rico in 1968 and subsequent cover-up still reverberates twenty-seven years later in the life of Teresa Cepeda Valverde's family.

The Wind Knows My Name by Isabel Allende. Celebrated author, Isabel Allende, returns with her latest novel described as "a testament to the sacrifices that parents make and a love letter to the children who survive the most unfathomable dangers--and never stop dreaming."

Las Madres by Esmerelda Santiago. An intergenerational saga encompassing hurricanes, a brain injury, forgotten memories, and a long-kept secret come to light.

Silver Nitrate by Silvia Moreno-Garcia. A sound editor, soap opera star, and film director in 1990's Mexico City work together to uncover the mystery of a magic film and occultist of the past.

Lizards Hold the Sun by Dani Trujillo. Unexpected romance puts a young woman in the position of choosing between love and tribal and familial responsibilities.

Vanishing Maps by Christina Garcia. Garcia's sequel to Dreaming in Cuban brings back a the del Pina family, struggling with finding their individual identities, yet still being drawn to their Cuban roots.

The Faraway World by Patricia Engel. Engel's collection of short stories pull you into Colombian and Colombian American experiences through a variety of memorable characters.

What Happened to Ruthy Ramirez by Claire Jiménez. Love and loss culminate in a family road trip in search of a long-disappeared sister.

Borderless by Namrata Poddar "Dia Mittal is an airline call center agent in Mumbai searching for an easier life. As her search takes her to the United States, Dia's checkered relationship with the American Dream dialogues with the experiences and perspectives of a global South Asian community across the class spectrum..."

Get the whole great list. Any ones you know about that we should add to our list?