Black Culture Fest 2022: A Celebration of the African Diaspora  

For the third year in a row, Oakland Public Library (OPL) staff with backgrounds from within the African Diaspora have come together to bring you events and resources that celebrate the myriad experiences that comprise Black Culture. 

The result is a program motivated by love of ourselves and our communities: Black Culture Fest: A Celebration of the African Diaspora.  

The Fest began in late 2019 when staff from several departments (the Children’s Room, Teen Zone, Adult Reference, and the Oakland History Center) at OPL's Main Library organized a day of engaging, creative, multi-generational programming in celebration of Black History Month.   

The resources connected with the Fest celebrate our successes and honor our triumphs. 

The first Fest was held in person in February 2020 at the Main Library. The program continued virtually in 2021, and continues in 2022 with virtual and limited in-person programming. For the third BCF, we have expanded beyond the walls of Main to include programming hosted by staff at several OPL branches. 

A full list of programs, events, blog posts, and book lists associated with the Black Culture Fest can be found on the Black Culture Fest page here. This year’s fest includes events for all ages, including an outdoor Storytime, a teen program, and several virtual programs, including a dance workshop, discussions about mental health in the community, and a talk on the Afro Turk experience. 

Working together to share programming based on our commitment to and love for our communities has been a joy and a bright spot during these challenging times.  

We hope you enjoy what we’ve worked together to produce and look forward to building upon our efforts each year. If you have suggestions for future programming or any other feedback, please let us know by commenting below or by contacting us at