Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions with OPL eResources

It's a few weeks into the New Year—how are your resolutions going?

Now is the perfect time to breathe new life into your goals with an assist from OPL online learning. Our collection of free eResources can help you tackle some evergreen resolutions:

#1 Ace the Big Test

LearningExpress helps students and adult learners prepare for all kinds of standardized tests:

  • Academic tests like the GED, ACT, SAT, and AP tests
  • Career exams in civil service, cosmetology, law enforcement, military, nursing, and more

With LearningExpress, you'll never need to worry that all the test prep books are checked out! Whether you want to get your professional license or raise your ACT score enough to get into your dream school, LearningExpress can help you test your best.

Maybe you need one-on-one attention to ace your big test, but tutors can be expensive. Brainfuse HelpNow offers free online tutoring for standardized tests, as well as general subject support and homework help. For job seekers, resume and cover letter review is also available. Submit your writing and get a response within 24 hours; create and share e-flashcards; meet classmates in a virtual private study room; or connect with a tutor at any time of day—that's right, live tutors are available 24/7.

HelpNow gives you the support you need, wherever and whenever you need it.

#2 Find Happiness at Work

Looking for a new job that makes more money? Maybe you'd like to work 100% remotely, or maybe you're trying to go back to school while working. Coursera can help you achieve your goals with thousands of video courses in high-demand fields. Through partnerships with top universities and major corporations, Coursera offers degree programs and professional certificates that will give your career a boost.

No college degree? Check out Coursera's Gateway Certification program, designed by leading companies like Facebook, Google, and Salesforce to help learners who've never worked in tech build the skills they need to level up. Subtitles are available in 50 languages.

CustomGuide helps workers and job seekers master the apps used in offices everywhere, with dozens of self-paced courses on common software. Learning an app with CustomGuide will help you be more confident and effective at work.

When your new supervisor thinks you already know Excel? CustomGuide. When your laptop gets updated to the latest version of Word? CustomGuide. Need to give better presentations or set SMART goals? CustomGuide.

With expert instructors in tech, business, and creative fields, LinkedIn Learning can help you gain the skills and knowledge you need to succeed. Browse by skills, subjects, career paths, or software. Whether you're looking for a new career or would like to grow in your current field, LinkedIn Learning has over 16,000 video courses to choose from. Topics include "soft" skills like resilience, team work, and time management, as well as "hard" skills like development and data analysis.

Find a job you love—or love the job you have more—with LinkedIn Learning.

#3 Learn Something New

Seniors (55+) who love to learn should check out GetSetUp, which offers live online courses taught by seniors who are experts in their subjects. You can take a yoga class, hang out with other dog owners, learn Hindi ... or finally learn how to FaceTime with your nephew. Apply to be a guide, and you can share your own expertise by teaching courses to others in the GetSetUp community.

GetSetUp can help you meet more of your peers, avoid isolation, improve physical and emotional health, and maybe even pick up a new hobby or two.

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Happy New Year, and happy learning!