Top 10 Things I Learned from Reading Romance

Commemorate National Romance Awareness Month with some important lessons learned from reading romance books.

Top 10 Lessons Learned from Reading Romance

10. Just when you've given up on love forever, that former flame from years long ago will make an appearance in your life
9. The person who witnesses your most super embarrassing moment, often involving a fall or stunningly awkward accident in which this person catches/saves/helps you, will more likely than not become your true love.
8. Be on the lookout for wacky situations where you just might have to share a bed with an enemy/ex.
7 Your odds of finding romance are higher if you run a small business with a clever name or have a particularly quirky job.
6. That cute new mate you started dating who is weirdly elusive about their personal life? Probably is a famous person that you didn't recognize.
5. If your family hates them and their family hates you and EVERYTHING about the situation makes you both wrong for each other, it was meant to be.
4. Fake dating never fools anyone and won't stay fake for long.
3. Ok, you're stuck at a wedding weekend/friend vacation/group trip with your ex/enemy/former friend/unrequited love interest. Awkward, right? But I guarantee you'll fall in love by the end of this forced time together.
2. Your relationship with your BFF is totally a platonic one that would never lead to romance...right?
1. When you're caught in a triangle where you love them both: the practical, reliable, solid option; and the unpredictable, wild, reckless one, you will always defy all common sense and rationality and choose the latter.